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Sunday, October 16, 2005

Blogging Bits & Bytes

So you spotted some interesting, fun, outrageous or cool posts and interesting tidbits at a blog today. Please share a small excerpt and link pointer in the comments sections for the rest of us to find it too. I will add a list of what I felt were some interesting posts or blogs I found today below:

This post from “Do You Know What It Means to Miss New Orleans?” kept me on the edge of my seat for a bit: “Some of us were discussing guns at work the other day. One of the girls told a story about being eight months pregnant and almost accidentally shooting her husband late one night when he unexpectedly came home early from working the late shift at one of the refineries. (This incident is not to be confused with the times she almost intentionally shot him.)” Go check it out. There is a lot more to this post. I found this post on BlogExplosion today.

I found this one funny over at Fugetaboutit, “I received the following e-mail from my wife. I just cut and pasted it word for word. I realize that I have taken my life, and probably my sex life, into my own hands (no pun intended) by doing this, but right now I feel the need to share. Here it is unedited. ” Obviously, there is a lot more to this one and worth a read in my opinion. The post title is “THIS MAY SAVE YOUR LIFE!!!!! I on the other hand am a dead man.” I discovered this post over at BlogSoldiers.

Teh Blog Father” is on the prowl and asking for submissions to review blogs. So head on over, check out the blogs already reviewed and submit your favorite blogs if you are interested. I came across this one on the Blogger Next Button.

Decadent Tranquility – is promoting United Devices and asking you to join their team over there fighting Cancer by crunching molecules. There is colorful and wild imagery over there too. This blog also brought to mind “Nanobombs aim to eradicate cancer”, a study and fight against cancer.

Chasing The Moon............ with “It's All Perspective............. - In the aftermath of Katrina as we continue receiving the sobering facts of the death toll, I'm in awe. This catastrophe has affected our nation, our government, our politics, and has ignited debates and arguments among even the of closest friends.” I found this post surfing BlogExplosion. This blogger is bringing a few perspectives and statistics to light on Katrina and other natural disasters.

Here are some more thoughts and issues about the “OPML hassles switching from Bloglines to Google Reader”, at explodedlibrary.info. Then there are some question and answers over at “Webby's World: Bloglines to Google RSS” related to this same subject. There have been some major design changes over there since my last visit to Webby's World!

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At 16 October, 2005, Anonymous mar said...

Thanks for all these links! Michele sent me.

At 16 October, 2005, Anonymous Teh Blog Father said...

Thank you very much for the link to Teh Blog Father. Please submit your blog. I'd be happy to write a review and link back to you :-)

PS: by linking to me, you've now entered the family (look for a link back in my side bar).

At 16 October, 2005, Anonymous Pearl said...

Haven't been here in ages but saw you at Michele's and popped in. Like your excerpts of post teasers. I'll check out a few.

The template you're using now is much simpler and cleaner than before.


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