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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Blogging Bits & Bytes

Nedwolf points outs some great places to get lots of free software and web applications.

Lorelle on WordPress directs you to all types of good information including cheat sheets for those interested in messing with HTML, CSS, PHP and more.

Konrad West has a few thoughts about “The MPAA, the RIAA and “piracy” propaganda.”.

This video clip over at Google Video of Microsoft Gaming Inovation Video #1 should get the mind thinking of future possibilities. Here is an idea creating your own virtual holographic blog that you can pull out of your pocket on the top of a mountain and instantly transmit the text and imagery.

The Martian Anthropologist creates some thought-provoking commentary such as “To Protect And To Serve?”.

It’s day 47 of 100 blogs in 100 days over at The Blog Herald featuring Avalon Star.

CNN Seeks Blog Guru to Work with Blitzer”, HEY, consider hiring me but do I have to move to D.C.? Here is the job posting. Oh, I guess that means I would have to actually apply to get the position.

As the poster at GadgetryBlog states, "OK, it may be in pretty bad taste and pretty immature, but this has to be one of the funniest things I've seen in ages." “Humphrey The Humping Dog” is not for the young and impressionable and is pretty much what is stated in the title.

10 media trends to watch ” listed with commentary over at PR Week.

Threadwatch returns to find the internet gone mad according to this “Anti-blogger Gives Aaron Some Stick” post. The link to Blog Goodies looks rather interesting while I always have to check out the other sides of situation too, even if it is an Anti-Blog. An Anti-blog with a blog I can get a bit confused with that concept.

Thinking!!! Are we? bats around the proposal of “$100 PC?”. I say let’s go one step further and create the $1.00 PC and really make it affordable for everyone including the poor. I think it is more then possible just a bit of off the beaten path. A $1.00 PC would give people a real choice between a lottery ticket that is a million to one or 1:1 of real education, profit and communication benefits by buying that $1.00 PC.

Danah Boyd discusses some of the buzz about Web 2.0 and Social networking over at Corante.

Bloglines Announces Enhancements To Service”.

It's that time of the year again already for the Webby Awards and they have video, podcast and blog categories.

Topix.Net Blogs is an excellent place to pick up some current blogging news.

This is real cool if you didn’t already catch it over at Dog eat Doug (DeD) has gone big with Newspapers picking up the comic. Will it be in your local paper?

Well I need to run for now but I will back soon enough with more finds.

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