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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Blogging Bits & Bytes

Some “Blogging style” tips from over at Joi Ito's.

Trying out the Blogger backlinks feature here at BlogCruiser. I like automation when it works! :)

Sphere is not open to actually see yet but they allow you to send in an email to possibly get a peek at their beta coming soon.

NOTE: I don’t like this trend of collecting emails to get into a BETA launch before they even really tell you who they are. It’s prompting me to create additional emails to avoid any fraud or spam issues. This type marketing makes me a bit uncomfortable but a lot of site launches seem to be doing it. I guess curiosity is a good seller for signups; but signups beware. I’m not saying for these particular sites but any site collecting information and not having a good privacy statement and information on who they are could be dangerous.

Blog Mad is using the same signup technique and stating they are going to be a new blog traffic exchange.

Rent My Blog is the next upcoming additional feature that BlogExplosion appears to be adding next week. They do seem to be on a roll over there at BE.

Blog Core Values is doing a bunch of analyzing and writing about different aspects of blogging from creativity to overlapping posts.

Have you added your blog to BlogFlux yet?

BlogCams takes a little bit to load even with a highspeed connection but there are lots of webcams to view and places to see all around the world from this blog.

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