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Saturday, October 08, 2005

Blogging Bits & Bytes

Project Nothing providing a link to a video on a new computer interface at TactaPad

Here is a list of musicians who blog that I visited at BeatnikPad Journal via kottke.org.

Don’t forget you can always submit your favorite links to Fark. Never can tell what you might find over there in the treasure trove dungeons from mundane to obscurity, trite to fantastic, polite to rude, childish to adult and useless to very helpful.

The last time I looked the 43rd blog was listed at the 100 blogs in 100 days. Lot’s of news and notes on blogs and blogging over there worth cruising.

Need some suggested tags try out Tagyu. Automation and inovation can be a fun.

Joi Ito's posted some interesting thoughts on “Times Select: Fee or Free?”.

CafePress is growing and showing up in a group of sidebars. I guess many of us can use a bit more cash or ways to promote novelties. It is a nice concept for creating and selling products. I wonder if I should consider this for BlogCruiser items. Advertising and making cash from it all wrapped up in one service.

Lot’s of information worth soaking in at Kim Cameron's Identity Weblog .

Spam Stock Tracker profit or loss page is not a blog but fun to take a peek at especially when they are losing money.

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