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Sunday, October 09, 2005

Bloggers Lists

NewPR Wiki has CEO Blogs List, CEO Intranet Blogs List, Corporate Blogs List, Product Blogs List, Biz Blog Consultants and Business Podcasts broken into country categories and more.
A list of business blogs can be found over at ProBlogger.
Blog Carnival - Carnival List
Simple Guide to the A-List Bloggers
Blogebrity: The List
Why Politicians Need Weblogs
Notable Bloggers list at Wiki
Look who's talking - Famous people who blog
The CyberJournalist List
Indian Bloggers List
Cool musicians who blog a list at BeatnikPad Journal

Does anyone have any other blogger lists of politicians, athletes, scientists, corporations or any other interesting blogger lists? If you do please leave the blog/page or list address in the comment section, thanks.

Extra (not blog): Serenity - Vividas Streaming Page

blogged by Anonymous @ 10/09/2005


At 09 October, 2005, Blogger Mar said...

hi, Michele sent me. Busy with "musicians who blog", great!


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