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Saturday, October 08, 2005

BlogCruiser Pondering, Wandering N Rambling Moment

Technical to dairies and journals with fun, politics to news and business with shuns, has blogging gone mad, undomesticated or just plain wild? Is it a time of transformation, elements of integration in a tim of revolution?

Boom to bust some contemplate, others revel in their moments of success. Governments and laws, rules and questions abound as some people stare and say “What is it”.

There is “BusinessWeek Magazine: Best of the Web Special Report and Survey Results ” with blogs. Then you have CNET News.com with their first Blog 100 list. Over at PubSub you can find plenty of blogger and blogging rank lists. ”Blogs go corporate” brought to life in many top companies and business areas. Also there is“Tech Blogs on ZDNet”.

Plenty of what is happening in the world or at blogs can be found at places like Rojo, Blogsnow, Blogdex, Bloglines, The Blog Herald and Blogger News Network. Google, Yahoo and other giants in the battle of the blog search spin.

Guides to blogging, help with blogging, blogging services and where to go. In the news, in business meetings, from CEO to employees, to the unemployment lines or new jobs, raising funds for disasters to awareness in news or politics you can find blogging alive and not slowing down.

Money, conferences, meetings planning and the list never seems to end
Is there a new era being spawned by the communication and publishing technologies? I think it might just be; what are your thoughts on the subject? Where are blogs going? What will happen to blogging? Will blogs have a large affect on society, news and people?

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