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Saturday, October 08, 2005

Blog Traffic

Traffic Exchanges are not for everyone! They take time, energy, learning and most you need to surf. However, I find them useful for getting new people to see my blog. Many blogs are a labor of love and people want others to see and comment on them. If you have no desire for others to see your blog don’t use these services. Also don’t expect a traffic exchange to build a popular blog alone. Research, content, quality and many other efforts such as skills, work, advertising, timing, networking and even luck can all be important parts involved with building your blog. My suggestion is do something you enjoy and be concerned with your quality and content; don’t worry so much about traffic.

BlogExplosion has kicked up their heels and strived to beat competition which is a good thing in my minds eye; I think this assisted in some Blogexplosion improvements. I feel BlogExplosion is the leader of the pack right now. I still use BlogSoldiers, BlogClicker, Blogazoo and Blogxchange to mention some of the blog exchanges I’m using. One of the newer ones that I’m currently trying is BlogAdvance and it seems fair so far. They accomplish the goals. I don’t see a lot to make them stand out from rest.

Every system is different though and they form their own communities, so it doesn’t hurt to try a couple and see which one or ones work for you.

BEWARE, I see possibilities of others showing up on the scene that I’m going to be much more cautious about. MyBlogBlaster does not sound like a nice idea from my experience with modern day ffa links. When free for all links (FFL) started, many years ago they were fun. However, they became very automated and used for adding names and sites to mailing and spam lists and that made them no longer any fun or useful to me. I’m not saying that is what this one will do but it sure looks like that type of setup. I don’t know about you but 723000 links that get my email doesn’t make me feel real comfortable.

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