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Monday, September 05, 2005

Three Ring Circus - Politicians, Show Boating and the Lack of Humanity

The real leaders would not be out there talking and utilizing assets for their show, they would be actively involved. I’m not saying that there are not a lot of people helping. However, there are still too many show-boating. If there is an emergency that is still in progress, the show does not have to go on. The Governor the President and everyone in between whether Democrat, Republican or any other party in-between should be taking action, not side stepping with speeches and patting each other on the back.

Why is the Governors office and Governor not there in the thick of things? The reality is, unless you’re really there in a disaster like this you don’t know what is going on. However, watching politicians from the start just thanking people has sickened my while they are returning from their vacations days after etc. I don’t see them out there really working, feeling the truth, crying and making things happen. Most of what I’ve seen is show-boating and business as usual.

Where is the humanity? I think this should show the American people how far away politicians have gone from where the American people are. If the governor or federal government made a call besides money to the American people, they would have been there last week in the millions with everything to resolve this tragedy as best that could be done. Instead we sit here and say the authorities will take care of it. Everyone knows that when the authorities take care of it, things are going to be slower. Individuals are the ones that can make things happen fast.

However, the government still just says we have it under control. No they don’t and they never did. Propaganda and writing history the way you want it to appear is not going to work this time. Right now is still critical to get people help and it’s getting to the point and has already, for many, that they are having to take this into their own hands. When this is over and maybe there will not be the time to wait until this over; it is time to get rid of 100’s of politicians and not during the next election, but now!

This is beyond a disgrace and I don’t blame the politicians or the agencies. I blame myself and other Americans for allowing this charade to go on for so long. America was built by people taking care of themselves and each other. That is the real power and when we sit here and wait for them to do something, even if the authorities are telling us to sit and wait because they will handle it; then we have let each other down. We let each other down when we let the government get away with lying, cheating, stealing and ruining fellow Americans lives and now we are letting them let fellow Americans die in masses for the sake of putting on a show and protecting their turf and money.

Yes, we need real leaders but these leaders have to be real people that really care and they may not always be there for the Hollywood show because they are out there doing the right things.

I realize there is awe, shock and no one is perfect. During, this horrible nightmare will come to bare a lot of true hero’s that are out there. The rest of the world does still have to go on. If we don’t take care of the economics this can even get uglier. There are still people dying in Iraq. We have to pull together and do what we can in this tragedy but we can’t erase the evil truths because we don’t want to believe them, because we will never learn from them if we do, and we will make the same mistakes again!

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