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Monday, September 19, 2005

PorkBusting Time:

The Truth Laid Bear blog has some resources listed which can find pork barrel politics needing trimmed. I’ve added them below to this post along with a few more I could find.

Citizens Against Government Waste
House of Representatives
U.S. Senate
U.S. Senate Committee on Appropriations
Taxpayers for Common Sense and TCS Action
Taxpayers for Common Sense: Defense Appropriations Database (Full list Database and State by State)
The Price Of Pork
US Newspapers
NewsLink Newspaper links
Budget of the United States Government
Concord Coalition Calls for 'Pork' Rescission and Tax Cut Freeze in Response to Katrina
Bureau of the Public Debt ()
Your State agencies might have good sources for this too. I like the way it is shown right up front here in South Carolina Governors Page and Budget PDF .
Pork Reports from The Heritage Foundation
Wiki-Pork Barrel

Does anyone else have any good public information resources that can be added to find the pork please add them to the comments section, thanks? Go over and add specific pork finds at the PorkBusters Database.

Here are some I’ve found for South Carolina but I’m trying to confirm more information before I add them to the database myself. I would like to know with more information that they are really pork before I post them as such. Feel free to add them your self if you have better information on them or direct me in the right direction to find out:

"It also includes a $100 million bridge to connect two tiny towns in South Carolina, even though the state's own governor, Mark Sanford, has questioned the project's worth." found at this link.

Among the pressing national priorities singled out for taxpayer dollars in this year's budget: the National Wild Turkey Federation in South Carolina, the Graveyard of the Atlantic Museum in North Carolina, and blackbird control in Louisiana .

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