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Monday, September 19, 2005


Platypus-Society.Net” keeps you reading with motivating commentary that contains humor, sarcasm and insights by Captain Platypus. Creative and imaginative posts can be found through out; examples such as “My blog is better than your blog” and “Post Katrina Media Scavenger Hunt Findings”. The blog is built in Wordpress containing numerous categories such as: Old Blog, General, Blogging, Movies, Home Repair, Internet, Odd, Adventures of Bono and Adam, Dimmer Switch, News and Celebs. There is also a highlight section, archives and blogroll in the sidebar. I give 7.5 stars. It’s fast loading, easy to read, mostly text based, and enjoyable. The Platypus doesn’t seem to post every day but there are plenty of postings and comments to browse and a lot that are current. In the highlight section this blogger appears to have a pitch out to famous people to email the platypus. Who knows maybe someone will; Captain Platypus doesn’t really seem to expect it but as the old sayings goes if you don’t ask…

7.5 stars

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At 19 September, 2005, Anonymous Cap'n Platy said...

Hey thanks for the review and for stopping by my blog. I also enjoy your ratings scale, few people would be imaginative enough to have 7.5 stars as their top rating!


At 20 September, 2005, Anonymous BlogCruiser said...

lol, I always consider modifying...The ratings always get me in trouble...:) Keep up the great blogging.


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