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Thursday, September 01, 2005

emotional rant again

I really don’t want to say this now but this is how our government is handling disasters in other countries; no wonder there are many in the world that don’t like us. However, I’m sure at times we have treated them worse in other countries.

“I will not land because they have a gun.” Give me a break that person is doing what any American might do or what they currently still do in Texas. He is displaying the weapon as a deterrent against crime in a lawless situation. If this was going on in Texas near the President’s ranch, would he have a weapon? Oh no, he would have hundreds of weapons all around him.

Now they tell the media to get out of town. The authorities will not allow victims or others to help or assist. I don’t want to say this either but it may be time to tell many of the politicians to get out of town, tarred and feathered too, if not placed on trial. Is this a failure in hindsight, no questions asked --- documented proof over and over. However, this is now and there is a crisis that needs real leadership, NOW!

There is no reason for the rescue operations and relief operations to be failing like this. Most people would be out and enough food and water would be there for these people if the call was made to fellow Americans and companies to support. As a matter of fact it already has been done all over the country and the world. However, our current government can not figure out the logistics in a timely manner with out mounds of red tape and legal malarkey. They really are failing and have failed outrageously. They were already asking for more money and patting people on the back during this incompetence. This is a sad state and hopefully the American people now see why many other countries are very upset with us. They bicker over money and media time while people are starving and dying.

Let see, we wait another week and we have another good chance of a tropical storm or hurricane nearby. So we let the people know, hold on, we will be there, eventually. No food, water, housing and family members already dead. Hold on, we are coming after I finish my vacation.

Added Item:

Some people have made comparisons to the start of Iraqi for New Orleans. I see more of a comparison to the fall of Russia a few years back when they were dealing with a failing war in Afghanistan, manmade disasters such as Chernobyl and major economic issues. I have more faith in the American people themselves but the situation does look quite similar.

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