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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

The Blurred Line Blog

The Blurred Line Blog” is a life blog or dairy blog leaving me with a sense of an honest, energetic and enthusiastic blogger telling stories, giving pointers and just trying things out. There are lots of interesting ideas and blurts such as “Mars Inc.”, “Katrina Photo Album” “Weekly Music”, “Blog Exchange Experiment “ and “Three Things”. I give 7.5 stars. There is a radio blog button that he has had a couple issues with. The blog design is fairly standard. The blog has appealing rhetoric, easy to read writing style and a very pleasant persona. I found this Canadian blogger/cyberpunk writer/student blog rather inspiring, professional and with some very interesting points of view. Also you can go off to the official blurred line site if you’re interested in reading this writer’s book that you can download in pdf format.

7.5 stars

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