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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

BlogShares Bits & Bytes

Well here is a new one I’m going to try out. It is a little more niche oriented and I’m selling out for the chance to win a few blogshare$ :) I think it might be of some use to a few Blogshares players and some other bloggers that haven’t heard of blogshares.

Presenting: BlogCruiser BlogShares Bits & Bytes

Here is a blogshares mission available to win a billion BS$s. The blog Bastiat Free University where Allan asks you to write and post something in your blog about the satirical post called “the FOUNDATION for LAW AND WAR “. At least I think this is the post that he is referring you to add a link and comment at your blog too, for a billion BS$. I don’t know if everyone that posts gets a billion or a selected winner does but it looks interesting anyway. Here is the mission link.

Here is one that you can join a new text based traffic exchange called blogswap. A hundred chips are being offered up by rhino for joining blogswap.

I’m not sure if this blog mission and blog has gone away or still exists. I only see an archive for July but time will tell if it comes back to life or not. It seems like a good idea though.

There are two ad networks built right into blogshares. BlogShares Text Ads is where you can place ads right at blogshares using chips you have earned in the game. Another is BlogChips Ad Network which places your ads on other participating blogs in the network. I have a few of them at the bottom of this blog. You can place ads and earn chips with this one.

Here with another charity drive going on.

The forum, chatroom, rules and help sections are filled with helpful people and useful information if you are saying what is this guy talking about.

There are plenty of contests and raffles.

There is a directory of blogs that is one of the best out on the web.

All this and it’s a free online game run by volunteers.

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At 14 September, 2005, Blogger BFU Rector said...


Yes it is a billion B$ for each post. The mission is set to end the evening of the fifteenth. But since you just posted this notice, folks can message me through the 20th and referance this blog. I will be putting up a new post soon, but you can reach the PIQ (post in question) at http://bfuniv.blogspot.com/2005/09/foundation-for-law-and-war.html


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