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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Blogging Bits & Bytes

blogcruiser moment

A few bits and bytes…

The Waiter Rants is overflowing with insights, anger, humor and lots of interesting reading.

Robin Williams' Peace Plan still makes it’s rounds here and there on some blogs and snopes helps find out if it is real or just an Urban Legend.

Then a post about Self-Healing Spacecraft inspired by Ant Society.

FeedDirect is offering newsfeeds for your blog.

There is s tuff question posed over at ITB about the New Orleans media ban overturned.

Doctor D’s assimilates a few students into the blog zone.

One explanation of 1337 speak or 1337 = Elite.

There are a few good blogs that are listed at the Blogathon 2005 page to view.

Here is a challenge for those who enjoy their photography at 26 Things The Photographic Scavenger Hunt.

Are you looking for a few blogging statistics, data, numbers and dates, you can find a few of these in the Comscore Blog Report that I found a link to over at Success Blogging.

Years of interesting images along with some captions and commentary that sometimes say a lot from signs, garbage to bugs at what about the plastic animals? Just feed Joe some ice cream and you can make a friend according to the about section.

A lot of people dream of going to or living in Alaska and this couple shares their views at the Alaska Blog.

The Blog Herald has a few notes on how to stay poor and keep on enjoying blogging with "Time for a long cold shower on blogging pay rates". Really there are some positive notes and good insights about making money or not making money with weblogs in this post. I would say for most people please don’t quit your day job to become a blogger. If you enjoy blogging and you can make some extra cash from it that is great. I feel more people blog for pure enjoyment and that creates some serious competition.

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At 13 September, 2005, Blogger Linda said...

I'm enjoying you posting again ... missed you for awhile there.


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