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Monday, July 04, 2005


Technorotica” has lots of technical posts in plain English with some that are unusual, funny, useful and interesting. The blog is displayed in a monochrome style to parody and maybe bring back some memories of older computing days. The play on words is utilized throughout posts like it is in the title and short description: “Technorotica: Titillating Technology to arouse your inner Geek”. A fun, easy to read blog that might bring a few laughs and insights to your blogging day. I give 8.5 stars. There are plenty of posts to browse such as a sneak preview of the McDonald’s future, finding gadgets to monitor your health and rid depression or IPOD security issues. This blogger has about six months worth of archives for this section of his site. If you enjoyed Ed’s work here then there is more to be found in the section called “Links to the Rest of Ed's Site” that can bring you to places like a photo album, chat room, guest book and a few other sections.

8.5 stars

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