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Monday, July 04, 2005


TagCloud” is a service provided to bloggers and others that may want to utilize a tool that is specific to their own RSS feeds. If you haven’t seen or heard of Tag Clouds as of yet this site will give you a good run down on what they are, how they work, what they look like and even provide you with your own Tag Cloud if you’re interested. This service and site is very well organized and explains the service they provide clearly. It’s simple, free and fast to signup for your own Tag Cloud. I give 9.5 stars. The visual implementation and usage of tag clouds is slowly growing on me and having a way to add my own creates some additional interest. Now to see if this type of communication and navigation will be a fad or if it will become even more common place. The BlogCruiser Tag Cloud can be seen in the footer of this blog (once it actually generates or I get it right).

9.5 stars

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