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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Stupid Beautiful Lies (Blogzine)

Stupid Beautiful Lies (Blogzine)” is a blogzine as this Canadian owner and writer calls it; a cross between a blog and magazine. The usage of Flash, smooth transitions, friendly GUI techniques along with a very nice design, in my opinion, assist creating a very pleasant and professional atmosphere. The blogger’s writing style is descriptive and filled with sincerity, wit, and humor on some sensitive and controversial topics. The humor can be a little prickly and sarcastic at moments but everyone has their own style and personality. In a recent post SB tackles the current Flag Burning legislation from a few angles with some interesting commentary. This can be a sensitive subject to a lot of people in the USA but it is almost always worth reading varied points of view to broaden ones education and perspectives. I give 9 stars. There doesn’t appear to be a large quantity of posts or articles. However, there are a few well written articles/posts with the ability to rate and comment on them.

9 stars

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