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Monday, July 04, 2005

Full Speed

Full Speed” has some fun and fascinating linkage and pointers along with several years of archives. Many of the posts are short blurts with links to other blogs, sites and points of interest. An older post of the Animated ASCII Star Wars link was great, in my opinion. There is a newer post pointing out some of the features in Movable Type 3.2. A short post on the Nike issue is there for pondering. Lots of links and posts are about subjects like WordPress, Search Engines, Java, Mozilla, Tags, BitTorrent, and online photo imagery. A vast variety of other technical and non-technical data is also available. The design is pleasant, quick to read and navigate. The top menu bar system adds an additional ease of use. It appears there are some slow posting times at this blog but there is already plenty of links and material to browse. I give 8 stars. The link dumps can have some worthy finds and are compelling to search through.

8 stars

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