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Saturday, June 18, 2005


Kottke.org” can be very informative providing a bounty of links, material and insights. Jason is a popular and well known blogger.

There is an excellent project called the Textbook Revolution mentioned there that could use assistance from an interested web designer and programmer. The wonderful concept of providing students with free textbooks online is fabulous, in my opinion. I’m sure there is room for all types of help with this project. I can see it becoming an outstanding resource and service provided to students.

The overall Kottke blog itself is extremely diverse with a huge amount of topics, pointers and commentary. One feature post is the "last 100 posts" with some highlighted quality posts revisited. A few of the last 100 features this time around include: "50 Fun Things to Do with Your iPod", "Apple switched to Intel chips.", "Look ma, I was in Time magazine.", "rural internet options" and "How To Get Slashdotted". I give 9.5 stars. There are plenty of useful pointers, tips, tricks, fun and ideas to be found in this blog.

9.5 stars

blogged by Anonymous @ 6/18/2005


At 18 June, 2005, Anonymous Sol said...

Came from Michele's. Not sure that I could help but certainly can see.

At 19 June, 2005, Blogger TheBisch said...

Can't help, but made for an interesting read... here via Michele's! Have a great weekend.


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