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Friday, June 17, 2005

Frog Collectibles

Frog Collectibles” a frog blog of this bloggers extensive frog collection. Pictures, descriptions and some additional commentary are displayed to highlight this collection. The subtitle from this blog fills you in fairly well: "A fun and fanciful look at the world of my Frog Collectibles." I’m not a frog collector myself but I do have several family members that have become frog people and involved in the frenzy. Frogs do seem to spread some good feelings and have maintained their status for a bit, along with obviously being quite contagious. I’m not sure exactly why it is so contagious but it seems to continue growing. So be cautious if you decide to visit this green frog blog you may find yourself at home decorating everything with these creatures. I give 8 stars. It’s a clean and easy design to read, straight forward and very themed to the subject. So hop on over to the frog blog and enjoy all the different characters.

8 stars

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