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Sunday, June 19, 2005


FeedMap - Where Blogs Meet Maps” is an interesting blog project for finding out where a blog is from by utilizing some mapping software and technology. It is a directory utilizing location to find blogs instead of by category or subject. Finding other blogs and bloggers in your area is now made a bit easier. There is a browse, search and submission section. The browse section is utilizing tag links, which I’m still not sure how much I like but it works. It is an appealing beta project that has some fun and practical application. I give 8 stars. You can even get your own BlogMap, NeighBlogMap Button and Local BlogRoll. I'm only adding the blogroll in this post because BlogMap and NeighBlogMap Button only come as a JavaScript and I can't add those to a post. However, the Local BlogRoll button is below and comes in HTML format. I did add the other two scripts temporarily to the bottom of the sidebar.

8 stars

blogged by Anonymous @ 6/19/2005


At 19 June, 2005, Blogger Lynda said...

Now, this looks like fun - I am going to do some exploring and see how I like it. Oh, and Michele sent me! I plan on staying for a while and exploring your blog :-)


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