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Monday, June 20, 2005

Blogging Bits and Bytes

blogcruiser moment

The bogbumper from the U.K. provides us with some distinctive and sharp nature imagery.

A blast from the past with a little blogfodder that who knows might still inspire something new.

Find tons of tunes to listen to at The Hype Machine with lots of aggregated blog music.

So where will bl.gs go now that Yahoo owns it?

Like to use Flickr and like to blog then take a look at this community Blogs That Flickr.

Did I hear this correctly structured blogging?

A bit of snail mail postage collecting for the enthusiast.

A powerful look and feel to this set of tools and network at Rojo.

Here is a bit of insight to a few of the Read/Write favorite blogs along with a list to check once or twice.

No Internet Explorer here a blog just for fans of Firefox.

This one can make you a few good graphics. You need a Polaroid to add to your collection head over to Polaroid-o-nizer™ or the mirror site.

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At 21 June, 2005, Blogger Pasta2000 said...

"No Internet Explorer here a blog just for fans of Firefox."

I encourage Internet Explorer users to visit the link mentioned in the above line. You will visit the site as an IE user, but will leave a happier as Firefox user.

At 21 June, 2005, Anonymous BlogCruiser said...

lol, I didn't mean to discourage IE users from visiting your blog Pasta2000. I think it's good to look at all options. Thanks for the reply comment! I think your comment was better worded for your intent then my commentary.

At 22 June, 2005, Blogger Pasta2000 said...

No Problems here. All in good fun.

By the way, what do you use?


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