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Sunday, May 08, 2005


Blogshares BlogShares and the Blogosphere
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By BlogCruiser

Blogshares Ad Networks:

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BlogShares and the Blogosphere

1 BlogShares helps or hinders Blogging

BlogCruiser May EDITION

2 Analyzing & Tracking features

It takes a bit to learn all the different features but take a look at the industries section which is a directory of sorts. You can find the same information at quacktrack.com if you prefer to think of it as a directory system. It is manually and human edited directory system of blogs, which I find quite useful in finding good to read blogs. Browse through the industries using the different features looking for a specific blog and then go to google or yahoo and see what you find out. They all have their uses but I do find blogshares as another useful tool in the researching department, even though it is a game.

PLUS: A Lot More To Know About BLOGSHARES

Blogshares provides an attractive set of tools for trend and analysis of blogs. Studying a blog information sheet gives all types of statistics.
There are incoming links, outgoing links, tracking graphs, history, press-releases and more. Blogshares is fairly upfront with the ratings and values, unlike, many of the search engine algorithms and other mystery reasons why a blog gets a certain rating or value. People can game the system at blogshares just like they will at search engines. Actually, some might feel it is part of the game to try and change values of a blog. At the same time, the real value is being looked at by a lot more human eyes and minds at blogshares then probably ever will happen at a search engine, IMHO. There is real value to these trend & analysis tools implemented at blogshares. The tools are not only valuable to the gamers and members but also to bloggers and non-members interested in blogs. The tools are available for all to look through. Tools like these can always be improved and that is one thing they strongly promote at blogshares is improvement and community involvement. The feel of an open-source project is always present.

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How about checking out the forums for your self!

Well I know I've written about blogshares before here and maybe this will help some folks know a little more about this online fantasy blog stock market game. However, this entry is plug at winning a particular contest. :)

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