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Monday, May 23, 2005


Blogebrity” launched their website and blog mentioning their intent for an ezine and hope for hard copy publishing. They have started an A, B and C list of blogs along with their own blog. They have managed a swift splash around the blogosphere. If you didn’t already hear the buzz you might want to take a peek and see if you can obtain a place among the “list”. At the very least it’s worth a look to visit some of the blogs already added to the list. The proprietors of this project seem to have a good sense of humor and some big goals. It will be interesting to see whether this tactic leads to the publishers or the recycle bin. I give 8 stars. I think or maybe hope they make it to the publisher but there have been the blogfooleries before. They state in their blog, “But to clear something up--Blogebrity is not a hoax, despite some of the A-list's rumblings.

When we came up with the concept(s) for Blogebrity, we DID decide that the Contagious Media Showdown would be a perfect place to launch, being totally in line with what Blogebrity is all about. But by no means are just doing this is as a "stunt"....Blogebrity is going to be launching a full online magazine (with sincere hopes of print quarterlies soon to follow) and we will be providing real content (IMterviews, blog-offs, and a bunch more stuff that will make WAY more sense once we unveil it all).”

It’s an alluring concept even with a plain design, fairly basic graphics and layout but with a bloggish spirit and humor. So hoax or not, I will cruise there for a bit.

8 stars

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