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Friday, April 22, 2005

The Year of the Blog

The Year of the Blog” is actually an older set of web pages giving some advice on using, creating and integrating blogs into an educational environment. The design is fast-loading, clean and visually delightful. There is some history, advice, ideas and opinions available about blogs and blogging. There are several sections to this blog to include blog tools and how-tos, blogs as writing practice, blogs as class content and more resources. There is some good and steadfast information available that continues to maintain value. The site is being hosted at Rutgers University. A few of the links are dead but some are still alive and kicking. I like cruising through links like this. I can find ideas that failed for good reason or ones that were before their time or maybe they just weren’t deployed well. I also find the survivors that have maintained and earned a little more trust and respect in my eyes for their staying power, good products and services. I give 8 stars. Some older material can maintain its significance over time.

8 stars

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