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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Wednesdays Showcase Carnival Game:

This may be tuff but you have to get others to visit and comment on two blogs.

The first blog is any one of the blogs listed in the Showcase Carnival being hosted here this week.

The second blog is here at BlogCruiser in this post. The only reason they have to comment here in this post is so I can keep a tally. The person has to post the name of the new blog they visited and commented at here at BlogCruiser. Then they need to leave the name of the blog and url (blog address) that sent them.

Why do the second because whoever gets the most people to comment at the new blogs can have their own “showcase post” (A link with an excerpt like in the Showcase Carnival.) placed at the top of BlogCruiser for the entire week next week Well it may not be much but it’s something that I can offer to those that would like to promote the exposure of these blogs, thanks. If you prefer a banner, link or other at top of the BlogCruiser blog for the week make that request and I will consider it.

Now off to getting people to visit and comment at these new blogs, THANKS! If anyone has any ideas for games, memes or anything else that would assist feel free to send suggestions to nadernow@gmail.com or comment here.

Figured I had to give some games a shot; what's a carnival without games, prizes, rides and cotton candy? :) Please help spread the word quick each game will end at the end of my day.

Added Edit April 28, 2005: This will be on-going for the week that the Showcase is hosted here at BlogCruiser.

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At 27 April, 2005, Anonymous colleen said...

Hi Russ, I visited and left comments at Gun Toting Liberal and Woman of Many Faces. I also visited English Guy and Maximum Awesome but didn't see any place to leave a comment.


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