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Sunday, April 10, 2005


(WARNING: some material is of adult nature and may be disturbing even to adults.)

PostSecret” is a bit out of the ordinary collaborative art project that people send in post cards created with graphics, words or whatever their imagination comes up with telling a secret. Then this blogger posts them to his blog. There are many feelings and secrets revealed in these postcards that are silly, sad, hopeful, scary, fun and even disturbing. Of course, are they all true or not? We will never know but the idea is for them to be real secrets. Frank is considering compiling a book with these postcards and others that have not been posted. Also, there is a non-virtual traveling exhibit going on with these postcards. I wish the blog was more organized like rotating the vertical postcard images so you could read them easier. Use of an about section, description and other information in the sidebar and header might make it easier to comprehend what the intentions of this blog are. Right now you have to scroll to bottom to get information and weed through the posts to find other pertinent information. I give 7 stars. The concept and content can be provocative, attention-grabbing, and interesting. However, the presentation of this blog is rather fragile, in my opinion. I give 7 stars. The artistic expression displayed disturbed me at times but it certainly grabbed my attention and invoked emotions. This one is probably not for everyone but it is a form of artistic expression and maybe even a form of therapy.

7 stars

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