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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

One New Thing

One New Thing” where Lynette Reville, a librarian in Australia has kept a journal of new things learned. There are a couple years worth of fun and interesting tips and thoughts shared in her journal. A lot of engaging and useful information can be found. The original intent was to add something that was learned new everyday but many of us know that can be a difficult task at times! However, she has compiled quite a large archive of absorbing posts and links. A recent added entry is about learning some new CSS information at “Eric Meyer’s CSS stuff”. A recent end of the week link suggestion is an online game called NationStates. She really covers a broad spectrum of information such as Photoshop Elements, expensive college student text books, using CSS with Firefox and even keyboard shortcuts for Word. I give 8 stars. It’s an appealing blog theme that I found myself learning new things, while this blogger shares a group of learning experiences.

8 stars

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