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Wednesday, April 13, 2005


Omea” is an aggregator for online and computer information. I stumbled across this program while I was searching for an RSS reader. If you’re looking for a program to catch up on blogs via RSS feeds then Omea is a potent tool to do just that. This program has other useful information management tools for email, web, news-groups and more. The package offers an abundance of different features. There is a lightweight free version that comes without the email functions or the Pro package that you can buy with the email and additional functions. I’ve only used the free version so far but I found it easy to load, understand and utilize. It loads quite slowly during the startup on my computer. Once it loads though it is very quick and does the job I need it to do quite effectively. I give 9 stars. I’ve have found it to be very user friendly during installing and usage.

This program is on the top of my list for offline reading utilities. Feel free to share with the rest of us what programs you’re using for RSS?

9 stars

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At 18 April, 2005, Blogger DB said...

If you're interested in the new features of Omea Reader, you can check out our Early Access Program :) The EAP version of Omea is faster, and has cool features like subscribing to blogs and taking clippings of interesting parts of webpages, both directly from your browser (IE or Firefox).
Take a look here:



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