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Monday, April 18, 2005

Next Week

Next week BlogCruiser will be hosting the “Showcase Carnival”, so get on over and submit your new blogs with what you feel is your best post! This is for new blogs and all about assisting these new blogs in getting a bit more exposure. I can really use the assistance of all the visitors out here with helping to make these new bloggers feel welcome in the blogosphere! Visit some of these blogs when they are posted. Tell any new bloggers you know of about this carnival and spread the word without any SPAM of course.

1. I intend to display the Showcase as the top post on this blog for the entire

2. You don’t have to of course, but I’m requesting all visitors to this page go to
at least one of the showcased new blogs and leave a comment. It can be a welcome
to the blogosphere, a hello or even a major post that’s your choice. Please add
at the end of your comment: “BlogCruiser sent me via the Showcase Carnival”.

a. Leave a comment at least at one new blog and add “BlogCruiser sent me via the
Showcase Carnival”.
b. To make this even a more beneficial to visitors, return here to
BlogCruiser and comment which blog you visited. If you want to add comments
about the new blog feel free too it would be helpful to everyone.
c. Now the next person that comments at BlogCruiser with the new blog they
visited also visits the blog from the comment above theirs.

It’s a lot easier then it sounds. I think it could be a lot of fun and get a lot of visitors to all the blogs.

All you’re doing is visiting at least one new blog in the showcase and commenting. Then come back here and comment on which new blog you visited. Now visit the blog from the comment above yours and comment again. Leave the comment “BlogCruiser sent me via the Showcase Carnival” at both blogs and move on. You can do this as many times as you like and with all the blogs if you want.

Please find those new bloggers and blogs out there and get them to submit now! Remember to send all the information needed to include an excerpt or full text of your best post, the blog URL, title, your name, an email and all other pertinent information. Thank you very much for all your help!!! If emailing me please put the subject as Showcase Carnival!

The main submission form is here: Carnival Submission Form If you run into any submission form problems feel free to send your submissions to me via nadernow@gmail.com I will work them that way, if needed. If you submit either way and don’t see them up next Monday, send the information and I will add it as soon as possible. We all know there can be email and form problems here and there and I don’t want that to prevent anyone from getting in the carnival.

I’m really looking forward to hosting this so send your blogs today!...! Like I stated in yesterdays post if anyone has any additional ideas to let me know. I may do my own individual spotlights on some of the submissions but I will make my mind up as I see them. If you want to enter the carnival but don’t want me to do an individual spotlight please specify that when you submit, thanks.


This weeks blog carnival host is in the post before this one and a list of upcoming hosts are at the Showcase page itself.

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