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Thursday, April 14, 2005

Minding the Planet

Minding the Planet” is a journal written by Nova Spivack with many diverse opinions and bold perceptions. I enjoy this writer’s open-minded and free-wheeling approach to some out of the ordinary and ordinary topics. I read a lot positive minded posts pointing out motivating ideas, appealing projects, useful links, other writers and ideals. There seems to be a modern, scientific and technical approach to his visualizations and ponderings. A few recent post of interest might be “Cool Visualizations of Electromagnetic Fields” for some scientific art entertainment. Then there is a promising pointer to “New Technique may Cure All Cancers”. A pondering that caught my eye was “Beautiful Idea: How to Program the Global Mind”. Here is one that may get the mind racing to the sci-fi channel “Intact Dinosaur Soft Tissue Found”. I found the links, ideas and writing here very provoking. I give 9 stars. Graphics are few and the design is practical. The strength in this blog is in the topics, writing style and ideas. Great blog title too.

9 stars

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At 14 April, 2005, Anonymous dandyna said...

hi there from a blogazoo italian surfer :)


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