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Monday, April 11, 2005


FeedBurner” provides a variety of RSS services to their users. They don’t provide you with the creation of a RSS/Atom feed but with services such as statistics, advertising tools, conversion tools and other enhancements for both you and your readers. The statistics provide you with general information like hits, click-throughs, circulation, and RSS reader type. It’s nice to know via the statistics that people are actually downloading the feed. There are other features I enjoy even more, such as Smartfeed where they find and select the best type feed to send each subscriber; this prevents me from having to be overly concerned about technical and compatibility issues. The site has been fast and reliable during my visits and usage. It’s easy to sign up and according to the published business model they will continue to maintain the free services that are provided along with providing fee-based premium services that are needed by individuals and organizations. I give 9 stars. The design is fast loading, pleasant and very easy to get around in. They provide an outstanding set of services with lots of great features.

9 stars


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