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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Butterfly Dani

Butterfly Dani” captures my attention with some sleek design use of images, lines, text, white space and balance. This blogger just draws me right in and I’m at the end before I know it wanting more. There is a pleasant and casual writing style among the ponderings, wanderings and things Danielle blogs about. If you haven’t seen an aye-aye before you can currently find several images, posts and comments on this animal there. You can see a lot of artwork and ideas by this blogger too. I give 9 stars. It’s a very eye-catching blog with plenty of interesting materials. Danielle is pursuing a degree in the visual arts and appears to be very skilled and talented in the field already.

9 stars

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At 14 June, 2005, Anonymous Dani said...

Thank you!!

At 07 January, 2006, Anonymous Arlen Naugher said...

Are there other forums/blogs that are more specific for this topic? I have not found one.


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