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Saturday, April 09, 2005

Blogger News Network

Blogger News Network (BNN)” title states it all. There are a bunch of bloggers that write breaking news, analysis and opinions. The “Write for BNN” section states that anyone submitting a bio will receive their writers guide and has the opportunity to write and get published. BNN has an assortment of bloggers and writing styles with a variety of opinions and points of view. One of their stated goals is to maintain a high level of journalistic integrity and ethical behavior. The entrance page has four columns with a simple to navigate menu feature at top along with some additional options at the bottom of the page. Three of the columns featured are first “Breaking News”, second “Analysis”, third “Opinions” and the 4th column being more information and ads. A feature at the bottom of the column allows you to display different numbers of stories like 15, 30 or 100 in the columns. I give 8 stars. I’m not sure what is going on with the domain name bloggergnews.net that redirects you to legendgames.net for viewing the site.

8 stars

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At 10 April, 2005, Anonymous Robert said...

Hi, Russ. Thanks for the review. What could we change about our design or site that would cause you to say "this is a ten star site"?

The redirection is caused by the fact that as a cheap #!$!% I was already paying for hosting for www.legendgames.net, and when I came up with BNN, I decided not to shell out for a separate hosting account. About time to rectify that, now.

Best wishes, and thanks again!

Robert Hayes
Editor, BNN

At 11 April, 2005, Anonymous BlogCruiser said...

Thanks for stopping in and adding the information about the redirection. Don't consider your self cheap! Look at me I'm at blogger:)

I wonder when I see the redirect if there are issues or changes going to take place. When I see something like that going on I question it but parking a domain is a good reason.

I like your GUI ease and it really seems thought out for usability. I didn't get a strong clean, crisp, snap and feeling of individuality that stood out to me during my visit. I really like what I see so far. It's kind of like my feelings about BlogCruiser; I like where it's going but I haven't found that look and feel that is just right yet. Of course, with things always changing the look probably will always change a bit too:)

I have nothing against ads but like them to intergrate well into the feeling, layout and design. I thought the ads took to much control in their own area of the page at your blog.

Keep up the great work over there and good luck to you! I like what your doing and think there is a lot of potential as a collabrative news network!

Also, as I tell everyone it's only my opinion here and that doesn't mean your blog isn't a 10 in someone elses opinion. I've been told I'm stingy with the stars and I am. :)

I do hope some day to get more people adding their opinions and star ratings to the comments areas in here. Obviously, I haven't found the right approach to that yet...



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