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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

BlogCruiser Free-for-All Spotlight

Ok, today is your day to spotlight a blog that you think is interesting, fun or just plain great!

Reply with a comment to this post with a blog, url and title along with a quote, sentence, excerpt or paragraph or more about some wonderful blog for all of us to visit. If I get any comments in here today I will run the comments as a post tomorrow. Thanks and have a wonderful blogging day! If it really works out well maybe I will run this as a weekly or monthly meme.


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At 20 April, 2005, Blogger cube said...

gratuitous blog plug ahead: The BLOG: satirical one day, serious the next, but never boring.


At 20 April, 2005, Blogger Tisha from Texas said...

Your typical mommy blog it ain't, but there sure are some funny stories with children in it.

At 20 April, 2005, Anonymous colleen said...

Loose Leaf: Notes From a Writer's Journal...Things I would not tell a person, I tell the public. Recent posts include: The benefit of wearing a ponytail...The Latest Dirt...Job Doesn't Work...Leaf on the Loose.http://looseleafnotes.com


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