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Saturday, March 05, 2005

Skype Journal

Skype Journal” is all about Skype and building a venue of information for the Skypeosphere community. Users, developers and even new comers can find all types of information about Skype. The current bloggers running and writing the journal are Bill Campbell and Stuart Henshall. It is stated on the pages that there is no connection or affiliation between this blog and Skype Technology. There is a fair amount of advertising. However, the ads are related and add to the content. There is plenty of news, blurts, articles, hacks, information, tips and software extras to be found while browsing the Skype Journal. The sidebar loaded slowly on my system but once it came up there were categories, archives, about and plenty more tidbits. I give 8.5 stars. They appear to always be on the look out for new and additional contributed tips, tricks, complaints and even people to write articles. The archives date back to 2002 for plenty of reading material.

8.5 stars

NOTE: Skype is one of the many VOIP type companies and systems appearing all over the internet for the past few years.

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