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Saturday, March 05, 2005

Meetup.com Weblogger

Meetup.com Weblogger” is not a blog at all and many of you have probably seen or used the meetup.com web system before. I should have known that there would be a weblogger meetup group. As a matter of fact there are currently 6,653 Members with 315 groups. It can be a good place to find and meet others living in your areas of the world that enjoy blogging. So, if you really enjoy blogging then you might be interested in seeing if there are any local groups formed and meet, or even possibly start your own group. I figure Meetup.com Weblogger is another tool with possibilities of being used for such things as organizing, communicating and personal growth. I’m not really going to rate this listing because meetup.com is its own entity and website. Each Weblogger Group in this subdivision of meetup.com is its own entity too from my point of view. I’ve used meetup.com system for other events and have found it can be a very useful mechanism.

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