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Friday, March 25, 2005


blogsnow” is very fast, clean and simple online utility that keeps track of what is popular and being written about at a bunch of blogs on the web. This little utility gives you the number of citations and a link to the topic being discussed such as in these examples below:

02 http://search.yahoo.com/cc
136 blogs for this topic | found: 23 hours

03 Wooster Collective : Stickers / Posters / Graf / Culture Jamming
163 blogs for this topic | found: 39 hours

There are only a few topics which are recent, very recent, books, mp3s, clips and movies. The search listings don’t seem to be listed in order of citation numbers but by some other algorithm assortment. It’s very fast straight to the point and a quick way to find out some of the emerging topics out in the blogosphere. I give 8 stars. Besides, the link to the topic you will find a link on the citation numbers to a list of blogs that posted on the topic.

8 stars

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At 27 March, 2005, Blogger subutane said...

Hi I have a tip for you to make your blog display better.

Let's see, in the template of your Blogger account you'll see what your site's source code looks like, it will be intimidating at first, but bear with me. All you are looking for is the width tag on the page size. Replace the number you see, usually 500, with something larger say 700. This should realign your blog for you so that everything shows up on the same view.

so replace:
#content {


#content {

If this doesn't do it try shrinking the "main" width down a bit.

At 27 March, 2005, Anonymous BlogCruiser said...

I finally took the time to fix the overflow in firefox. I actually had my content to 700+ already but I define the sidebar size too. So I found a way to reformat the content itself, so it would fit correctly. Sometimes getting design to fit cross -browser-platform can be difficult:( However, it's always fun messing with and learning more.


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