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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Blogs and Traffic Exchanges

Which blog traffic exchanges do you use? Or do you want to bring more visitors to your blog? Then a few of these sites may assist you with that endeavor. There are now quite a few choices out there for blog specific traffic exchanges. Here are 5 of the more popular ones that I will briefly highlight. Most of them have built individual characteristics, personality and communities. There are many more traffic exchanges but I’m bringing up the blog specific T.E.’s.

BlogExplosion: These folks were the first recognized and fairly successful blog specific exchange I noticed. They are very established at this point and have quite a few nice features. There is a well designed directory of blogs. An easy to use control panel area where you can assign credits, buy banner exposures, directory sponsor adds and plenty more. The surfing for credit features are good to you can block blogs, look at only certain rated blogs, bookmark blogs and even turn off audio. The approach seems to be to build a community for bloggers to enjoy visit other blogs and get others to visit theirs. I currently give them 8 stars. They have made some upgrades and added additional items since the flurry of exchanges that have popped up. Competition can be a can have good or bad results and time will only tell.

8 stars

BlogAzoo: One of the recent new additions here to the TE crowd. They seem to be trying real hard over there to make this a successful endeavor. They have moved up the ladder; since, the last time I wrote a little about this exchange. They still have some quirky marketing concepts and implementation but they are giving a good effort. They want to build a community concept too. Each blogger has their profile with their own shout-out box, recommendations and other tidbits. These features are there for bloggers to get to know each other better, along with popularity rating system they are building. They have refined their look and control panel area so that it is an easy and useful tool. The surfing area is simple but not as many features as there are at BE. However, you earn credits and visit other blogs while surfing this one too. I give this one 7.5 stars now after some of the growing pains. They have some more growth to go but they seem enthusiastic about accomplishing this.

7.5 stars

BlogClicker: These folks are doing fairly well. They are third on my list but may appeal to some people more then BE or BA. They seem more business oriented than BE and BA. They also have an easy to use control panel area to manage all the features such as managing your blogs and credits earned. You can win and earn money at this exchange also. It’s not big cash but it is cash. BC is a relatively new exchange and they have made many improvements to the look, feel and navigation that have been effective. BC doesn’t appeal to me as much as BE and BA but they are doing a pretty good job from what I’ve seen. I give 7 stars.

7 stars

Blogtraffic: This one I can’t say a whole lot about yet they are the new kid on the blog and I’ve just started trying their system out. They have a control panel or account section with lots of options and items to choose. The account area has similar choices that the other exchanges also offer. Their design is a little different and more text menu based and not as intuitive to me as some of the other more graphical navigations systems I’ve been using at BE, BA and BC. They have just started up the surfing bar for use, not to long ago, so there are not a lot of blogs yet. However, several of the blogs I did see were not familiar ones that I’ve been use to seeing at the other exchanges. You earn credits while surfing this one and they have been sending traffic back to my blog already. The surfbar doesn’t seem to have as many options as BE, BC and BA but like I said this is a brand new one. They came in late on the flurry of new exchanges so there is plenty of referral room left in this program. I give 6 stars compared to the other programs out there but it’s not a real accurate or fair rating at this point. They need some time for growth and to work out any bugs.

6 stars

BlogCrowd: This one is at the bottom of my list and I really have not had much luck with it. There maybe others out there that are enjoying the use of this exchange. I’m dropping this one altogether myself and will not say any more about it. I give 2.5 stars. I considered not saying anything at all about this one but they have been around for a while now. Who knows this one may land up being someone else’s favorite.

2.5 stars

If you already used these blog traffic exchanges, which one is your favorite?

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