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Friday, February 11, 2005

The Internet Courses: Weblogs

The Internet Courses: Weblogs” is not a blog but part of an internet course by Dr L. Anne Clyde at the University of Iceland. The page contains plenty of resources, articles, links, sample blogs, and software that can be helpful to any blogger. It covers a broad range of material about blogs and blogging. There are posts and articles on history, psychology of blogs, blogging revolution, and blogging phenomenon, along with many more absorbing posts, from the past to the present. The course is more for library and information science and there are lots of links to library blogs, which can be excellent resources of information. There are many other links to other example blogs, blogs about blogging and even another blog of the day blog. It’s a quick and easy page to find some interesting material and links about blogs. I give 8 stars. There is much more then I mentioned gathered to explore at this one short web page and I’m glad it’s shared for all to utilize.

8 stars

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