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Wednesday, January 12, 2005


michele” a creative, caring, active, fun filled and straight to the punch when needed at this blog. She never seems to slow down over there; always coming up with fun filled activities for people to get involved with. Fun ideas to get others to add their comments, ideas and thoughts are consistently added. One example of the many: “If you could have a guest role on one television program, which would it be? “. This blogger appears to know how to get her visitors active and enjoying themselves. There are plenty of comments by visitors to enjoy. A daily “Comment Game” not only brings visitors to this blog but to other blogs on a daily basis. Other bloggers join this daily activity by visiting the daily blog and posting a message at the blog visited. Those playing the game then have the chance to become the next daily blog. The crowd seems very friendly and receptive during my visits. There is some brilliant humor and fun going on over there. Number ten in her about section of the blog states, “I can go from sweetheart to bitch in 2.1 seconds. I am currently working on my tardiness.”, so my guess is it’s a good idea to be nice :) during your visits. I give 9.5 stars. It really is an extraordinary blog to visit with a grabbing design and very easy to read. Go over there put your feet up and relax for a bit.

9.5 stars

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