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Thursday, January 06, 2005


"Mekkem" is a new blog, as it started January 1st, 2005. It is your daily guide for unique products. There are many different products on the line today so they feature and showcase the most unique of them all. They have, for example: Pet Strollers, Tuf Nex Excerciser, and a Tennis Raquet Bug Zapper.

The cool thing about this blog is that it is updated every single day. They also ask for requests of unique products for them to review.

It's a little difficult to rate this blog since it is still fairly new, but I like the dedication that has gone into it. Also it's interesting - I could hang out there all day. It's definatly far from boring and you could quite possibly pick up some cool useless knowledge to use to impress your friends with. Also, if you are a visual person, like I am, they even have a picture of every product they review so you can see it for yourself.

8 stars

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