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Thursday, January 06, 2005


"ljcfyi".What is this site about? Well let Jenny tell you for herself, "A fun site about the things in my daily life... crafts, music, shoes, movies, food, travel... I don't write about super serious touchy things... politics, religion etc. I think that stuff is important... (get out and vote and all), it's just not what I enjoy writing about."

LJCfyi stands for Little Jenny C. For Your Information. Jenny is a web designer for Kodak in Rochester, NY. Her page is very well designed. If you are getting a little down and out from looking at all the serious or ranting blogs, ease your mind a little and go see her.

She is very crafty. She even has a
projects page where she lists all the crafts she has created (with pictures and instructions!!) in four seperate catagories: Garden, Cooking, House and Craftiness!
She made a Cranberry body scrub for Valentine's Day... Well I read her instructions for it and made it for christmas gifts for my friends. They all loved it and it was super easy.

Another example is the
doggie birthday cookies she made for her puppy. LJCFYI is unique and colorful and she updates everyday. I like everything about this blog so I'm giving it an exceptional rating.

10 stars

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At 07 January, 2005, Blogger Light-Server said...

Interesting idea,
a blog about other blogs...

i like reviews


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