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Saturday, January 15, 2005


Horticultural” Jane Perrone has a very pleasant organic gardening blog filled with tips, tidbits and finds. I enjoyed the little quote by Bette Midler there on gardening. A wonderful writing style keeps you interested in the many entries to this blog that have been categorized and archived for easy viewing. A few of the categories include garden, equipment, flowers, fauna, kitchen, photos and composting. You can find other links and writers of interest here too. As I went through the about section I found out she is a deputy editor for the Guardian Unlimited and writes for Newsblog. This particular blog is more a labor of love about her gardening; or as she stated, “the trials and treasures of running my garden and allotment.” I give 8.5 stars. It’s a very pleasant and easy to read blog with some interesting information available. It's a UK blog so a few words or phrases make me think for a second or two.

8.5 stars

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