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Saturday, January 15, 2005

Hickory Hacks XP

Hickory Hacks XP” is an informational blog for XP tips and hacks it can be useful in many areas of your computing. There is information available for more then just XP and useful to other operating systems too, primary focus is XP. There are tips for speeding up your computer, safe-guarding your computer and cleaning up your computer. It’s explained simply and will definitely assist some people in finding some functional tools and practical answers they may have been looking for. There is a fairly large amount of handy links in the archives section. I give this blog 8 stars. I recognized and used with successful results many of the sites and programs listed at this blog such as: pcpitstop, AVG, Symantec Security Check, and The SANS Internet Storm Center. I’m not a fan of the Alexa toolbar at the top of this page and wouldn’t recommend that one personally. There are a lot of good materials presented by this blogger with many excellent tips, tweaks and tools.

8 stars

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