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Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Google Blog

Google Blog” where else would you go to find out what the google is up to, you might go to their blog. They start off with wishing everyone a happy new year and suggest a stroll down Zeitgeist lane. Another recent entry has to do with the devastation from the Tsunami and the relief efforts in progress. They have interesting information provided on what they are up to at google with new projects and releases. They explain security updates to their desktop search and the “suggest search” project launch. Also, there is what I would call google team humor available in the blog, such as displayed in their “Polar expression” blog entry. The blog does not have a lot of entries but the ones that are seem important to both the team and users. I consider the light reading as a positive note during the information overload state of many bureaucracies in society today. It maintains that sleek, clean and fast loading image google has managed to maintain even as they have become a corporate giant. I give it 9.5 stars.

Maybe, I should have given them only 1 star because some times we expect better from big companies. I could have possibly insulted them in this manner enough to get myself a mention over there at the google blog, even if no one knew it was this blog entry except me that would have been cool. I guess I would have to get really creative and insult their graphics or blank pages. Maybe that’s why I find it difficult to get creative and insult Google. They don’t put a whole lot of anything that is their own on their pages. They just gather lots of other people’s material off the web and serve it to the public with a simple script on plain white pages and become a corporate giant. I can’t beat that type of marketing genius easily. Ok, better stay to my normal BlogCruiser writing style for now on. My attempt at satire and humor is mine and mine alone at times.

Big name blogs really are not that much different then the little name blogs and bloggers they are all made up of individual or team ideas, writing and blog entries. Google Blog is a good blog to promptly gain some valuable insights about Google.

9.5 stars

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