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Monday, January 10, 2005

Daily Deal

Daily Deal.com Everyday there is ONE daily deal feature item. That means they pick a different product every day and start the price at an amount they think is reasonable. What if you dont like the price? Simple. Just wait 15 minutest. Then the price drops. That's it. Up until the item is sold out the product of the day drops in price every 15 minutes. If it doesnt sell out by the end of the day, it's free. Anyone can buy the product at anytime.

Stop by today and read their
Frequently Asked Questions to find out more.

Here is today's Daily Deal:
Cuisinart SmartPower 7-Speed Electronic Blender Model: SPB-7FR

Be sure and check in every day! Maybe you'll find something you've been looking for but just couldn't quite afford!

9 stars

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