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Saturday, January 15, 2005


BlogShares” is a fantasy stock market for weblogs and this is not a review but a follow-up of a review per request. It will be a bit longer then my normal blurts. I don’t claim to be the all knowing of the game or even an expert. I’m a player and enjoy the game. I look at it a little like a modern day virtual monopoly game. One of the fun things about this is they are real blogs that you buy and sell at a fantasy stock market game with your fantasy monies.

You can play this game with many different strategies. There is so much to it I find it amazing. After three months, I’ve still only figured out a fraction of all that is going on over there with this online game. However, there are people (Math a whole team) that actually work at keeping this game interesting for people that are new with their $500.00 start money or people that are serious game players with billions of dollars.

The way I started out playing this game is what I cal a simple mode and it has been enjoyable for me. So far and I’m not too much past this simple stage, to tell you the whole truth. I look at myself as a small time stock broker in the game of course in this case dealing in blogs as shares. I buy when they are low and try to choose the right times to sell or hold. I’ve made a couple hundred million this way so far. I may get more involved at sometime in the future but for now I’m enjoying my not too much thinking way of making my millions over there at blogshares.

In the mean time, I’m trying to learn all the other activities and aspects of this game. Everything ties into the game. There is a forum, ads, news releases, chats and they can and do all play into the values of these stocks and bonds for blogs. The blogs fall into the different industries which is a directory of blogs in itself. You can buy ideas, sell bonds and get artifacts. There is another board (BSCE team of volunteers) that evaluates things such as ethics, abuse, problems, etc. and I can go on and on. Things are being constantly revamped and it is users and players involved in making a lot of this happen. You can find help files, indices, industries and a forum as a good place to get more information for yourself.

Blogs start out with 5000 shares and different things happen that can affect the value of the stocks for a blog. How many sites are linked to the blog; how many links to other blogs; what the valuation of the different blogs linked are; all the factors in some of the previous paragraph and even more. There are graphs and more information on each and every blog kept like this and viewable for all at blogshares. It’s like the ultimate algorithm in the valuation of a blog or blog related sites.

This game can be endless and contagious it is like being in the real stock market and trying to make your own investments. You are figuring everyone else out so you are doing good with your investments. It’s only a game though and you have nothing to lose except the game and your time playing! As I stated earlier you can make it as simple as buying and selling stocks or you can get more and more involved in everything going on at this fantasy stock market for weblogs!

I’ve enjoyed it enough over the last few months to become a premium member, maybe you will or won’t but it is worth a try for free. Your own blog may be listed there already so you can claim it as your blog when you start playing. If it’s not there then you can add your blog to the already existing massive database listing of blogs. The indexing and re-indexing of blogs plays a role in the game and share prices too. I could probably go on for days and not scratch the surface of everything involved with this game.

I hope this follow-up helped with some of your questions! Whew, this was tougher then just my opinion on a site.

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