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Friday, January 07, 2005

Blogosphere News

Blogosphere News” is a newly launched site with some wonderful ideas. I think this site/blog has some great potential and the gentleman behind it all seems to be very motivated. It’s a blog/site for news about blogs, bloggers and blogging with RSS feeds. They are looking for additional writers, news and interviews. So it looks like there is plenty of room for people to contribute and there is a lot already at the blog in the short time it has been around. It’s a very clean design, fast loading and easy to navigate. A News Box service feed is available for people to place on their blog or website with a small script. I liked the "News Box" and it is half way down the right column of this blog. This web entrepreneur has learned to create some very useful content, market it well, and provide some quality services to others. I give it 9.0 stars.

9.0 stars

blogged by Anonymous @ 1/07/2005


At 07 January, 2005, Blogger Jasber said...


This is Brad from Blogosphere News.

Thanks for the kind comments. They're very much appreciated.

All the best,
Brad Jasper


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