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Wednesday, January 12, 2005


BlogClicker” a real new blogger traffic exchange service launched on January 10, 2005. I’ve been trying them out and there are a few things that are keeping me a little bit cautious of this exchange. I look under the “terms” link and there is nothing listed. The FAQ is very short and brief. I’ve had some sections that are dead links. The personal options available to set anything appear very limited compared to a competing traffic exchange such as blogexplosion. There seems to be no way to block any sites, language or music available at BlogClicker. There were a few ads the first couple times I was using blogclicker. I haven’t seen many ads if any in the last few sessions. It’s funny though all the blog traffic exchanges seem to be advertising each other. I’m seeing some of the same blogs during the same surf sessions. It is very simple and quick to sign up. They have a slot machine graphic that you can win extra credits while surfing. When you win or lose credits with the slot machine you have to wait for the timer like a blog though. Over all it does appear to run pretty smooth and it’s easy to use. I give them 4.5 stars. However, they are brand new and I need to keep that in account. They could become a real good service as they grow or it could go the other direction. It appears launched before they have everything in place and that is one thing that makes me a bit cautious about this particular traffic exchange. I’m still trying them out and continuing to use their service; that is of course if they still let me after they read my review.

4.5 stars

NOTE: I shamefully used my referral links for both blogclicker and blogexplosion in this post and wanted those that might not be aware to be aware of it.

blogged by Anonymous @ 1/12/2005


At 12 January, 2005, Blogger Bernie said...

I signed up today!

At 12 January, 2005, Blogger BloggerOne said...

Blog Clicker is a cheap knock off of an exhange. If you look at the bottom of their site there is a link to where they got the software to start the exchange. Anybody can start one like "Blog Clicker" for as little as $250. Thats it. Sites like this are going to cheapen blogs as a whole.

At 13 January, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

LOL...if you think it only takes $250 and that script to have an exchange....try it.......lol


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